We are a member of the Polish Nurserymen Association


In our offer

Since 1990, the largest and most important part of our production has been youngsters in containers.

The entire production cycle – from taking cuttings from mother plants, through rooting and planting into pots – requires a lot of care and attention, thanks to which we obtain a good quality product. We watch over it personally together with an experienced team of employees.

We obtain seedlings from our own nurseries. Selection of varieties is the result of observation of mother plants in the ground. This guarantees that our plants have a healthy and typical appearance and a developed root system, and in the future will have the right habit and stability of varietal characteristics.

Our material consists of hardened plants, adapted to the harsh climate, produced in open ground, growing at a rate that allows for proper completion of growth and lignification before winter. Most of our domestic and foreign clients are nurseries located to the east and north of Prażmów. We are particularly proud of the trust placed in us by Latvian, Ukrainian and Russian nurserymen.